Procean more than 25 years

Procean more than 25 years

Procean was founded in 1993!

In july 1993 we started Procean as 2 enthousiastic and experienced diving instructors, certified for various diving organisations.  Procean was started with the vision to offer high quality products for a fair price. With this vision we hope to share our passion for the diving sport and the underwater world with as many people as possible. Of course the Procean service is important for more than 25 years.

As an engineer and designers of different products it was only a logical step to produce various products ourselves. Since 1995 Procean produces the drysuits, undersuits and other products in our own factory in Europe. With this facility we can produce products to the wishes and/or sizes of our clients. 

Save the world and save the seas - therefor we recycle your old drysuit, you receive a refund for the empty care bottles and we are now busy replacing all the plastic packaging for environtmentaly friendly materials and other alternatives that can be re-used.

Via instragram we keep you up-to-date with our account; @procean_dive_equipment and our hashtags #procean and #proceandiver